History of E.A. (Enrolled Agents)

The Treasury Department received many claims for losses after the Civil War, many of them were for horses.  In fact, it seems EVERYONE had a thoroughbred or a showhorse.  More claims were filed for horses than horses were killed in the Civil War.  And of course claims weren’t limited to horses.  All claims seemed to be enhanced, overblown.  Shacks were suddenly plantation homes, tin became silver; you get the picture.  Of course it wasn’t just the citizens making the claims; it was often the people who represented them because they received a percentage of the settlement.  When Congress finally had enough, they regulated these individuals in the Enabling Act of 1884.  President Chester Arthur finally signed what became the Horse Act of 1884.  The  act established requirements on the character, criminal records, suitability of these representatives and created testing standards.  Those that passed received the title “Enrolled Agents”.


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