Mileage Deduction for Your Volunteer Activities

If you are a volunteer and use your vehicle while assisting the organization in your volunteer capacity, you can claim a deduction for your mileage on SchA, in the charity section, of the tax return.  Be sure to document your mileage with a written log.  It can be as easy as noting on a calender the mileage and where you drove on your calender.  The ideal situation is to note the mileage on your car when you leave the house and again when you return, but you can “google” the mileage in a pinch.  Provide the total charitable mileage to your tax preparer.  Discuss any questionable charitable situations with your preparer as well.  There is also an option of taking actual expenses, but most tax payers find mileage to be a more significant deduction.  The reimbursement rate for charitable mileage in 2013 is .14 cents per mile.


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