IRS acts to make professional preparer’s lives more difficult.

Imagine that! The IRS, rather than try to make life simplier, makes it harder for professional preparers to serve their clients. Years ago the IRS opened up what was called e-services. This site was available only to professional preparers and allowed us to serve clients easily and quickly on many issues through a secured site rather than having to wait endless hours on hold waiting on an IRS agent to answer the phone and process what was often a simple request.

One product allowed us to fill out a Disclosure Authorization form (which allowed a preparer to represent a client for a particular tax year) in real time rather than fill out a form, fax it in, and wait 10 days for processing.

Another great service was the Electronic Acccount Resolution Service which allowed tax professionals to address seven different possible client issues without having to place a phone call where the average wait time is 22 min. according to the Government Accountability Office.

I cannot understand how closing down a website that is effective, hiring addition employees to answer phones, can be cost effective. I’ve contacted both the MI Senators and my Representative. Over 4000 tax professional have signed a petition protesting this change as well. It’s just hard to see the logic behind their decision.


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