Affordable Care Act Info: Who Is Excluded

This is the first of many updates on the affordable care act. I’m positive that there will be an avalanche of information over the next year, and I’ll attempt to dig through some of it for everyone.

These individuals are EXCLUDED:
A. Those not eligible for employer coverage IF the cost of the basic bronze-level plan (less than the federal tax credit) exceeds 8% of adjustable gross income (AGI). For someone whose AGI is $30,000, if the basic bronze plan was over $2400, that person would not be required to purchase insurance.
B. Those that can show hardship forced them to go without coverage.
C. Anyone can go without coverage for less than three months.
D. Members of religious groups opposed to private or public insurance.
E. All members of the household whose total income is under the level required to file a tax return.


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