2015 Detroit Returns to Allow E-File

Below is the press release concerning the new ability to e-file city of Detroit tax returns for the 2015 tax year. This should significantly speed up the processing for those that get refunds.

Press release Header September 15, 2015 Contact: Jeremy Sampson, (517) 335-2167

Sara Wurfel, Governor (517) 335-6397

John Roach, City of Detroit (313) 244-7857

State to begin processing Detroit individual income tax returns; changes to take effect for 2015 tax year

Detroit taxpayers to be able to file city returns electronically for 1st time


LANSING, Mich. – The state Treasury Department will process City of Detroit individual income taxes starting in January as part of a partnership that will help the city to run more efficiently. As part of the transition, Detroit income tax filers will be able to, for the first time, submit their tax returns electronically.

The transition is part of Detroit’s post-bankruptcy management plan and applies to the 2015 tax year and beyond. The change will involve any residents or non-residents subject to the Detroit City income tax.

The new partnership will benefit city taxpayers by allowing them to e-file their Detroit return along with their State of Michigan Individual Income Tax return. The combined e-filing of city and state returns will provide the following benefits:
•Improve accuracy of the returns.
•Provide faster refunds.
•Allow access to Treasury’s on-line services to confirm receipt of a return and the date a refund is issued.

The city of Detroit will benefit from increased income tax revenues as a result of improved accuracy of e-filed returns and expanded compliance and enforcement efforts.

“Taxpayers deserve an easy and convenient filing process and the ability to e-file directly with the state will do just that,” said Detroit’s Chief Financial Officer, John W. Hill. “More efficient tax collection also means the city will have more resources to provide vital services to our citizens. We appreciate the state working with us in this partnership.”

City leaders and Treasury staff are meeting regularly and working collaboratively to ensure a seamless transition, a user-friendly system, and quality customer service for City of Detroit taxpayers.

“Treasury will administer the city’s income tax with the same competence, diligence, and professionalism that we demonstrate each year in processing five million Michigan income tax returns,” State Treasurer Nick Khouri said. “We are looking forward to our continued work with Detroit and supporting the city staff through this transition.”

Forms, instructions, and additional information will be posted on the City of Detroit and Michigan Department of Treasury websites as they are finalized.


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