Educator Expenses

Teachers will be delighted to hear that the above-the-line deduction for educator expenses has been made permanent.  In addition, beginning in 2016, the current $250 limit will be indexed to inflation.  Now we all know that many, dare I say most, teachers spent considerably more than $250 out of their own pockets on classroom supplies.  So this is certainly a step in the right direction.

As always, keep receipts for all expenditures; documentation is still required for audit purposes.

In addition, (MORE good news), any expenses for professional development can be included in the eligible expenses claimed.  Classes must, of course, be related to the curriculum that teacher actually instructs.

I know, no where near what teachers spend, but still nice to see it acknowledged.  Teachers can still claim class costs on Sch A if itemizing is appropriate or under one of the college credits if it pertains.  Each class can be claimed only in one area of the tax return.

It might be wise to try out the expense for classes in several areas to see what works best in your particular situation.


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