MI Iniates Efforts to Combat Tax Fraud

Remember, the IRS or MI Department of Treasury will NEVER contact you first by phone.  First contact is ALWAYS BY MAIL.  This is a recent MI press bulletin:

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Department of Treasury has increased security measures to protect Michigan taxpayers and the state from tax-related identity theft. If an income tax return has been selected for identity confirmation, the taxpayer will receive a letter from the Department of Treasury asking them to confirm their identity by completing a short online quiz. After confirmation of passing the quiz refunds will be issued in 14-21 days.

“We have found a more effective and efficient way to stop fraud while minimizing the impact on taxpayer,” said State Treasurer Nick Khouri. “Adding the identity confirmation quiz provides an additional layer of identity protection for the taxpayers of Michigan.”

For additional information on the quiz, visit Treasury’s Identity Confirmation website. Additionally, if a taxpayer suspects they may have been a target of identity theft, they should immediately contact the Department of Treasury at Treasury-ReportIDTheft@michigan.gov and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at 1-800-829-0433.

In recent years, Treasury has stopped thousands of potentially fraudulent income tax returns, involving approximately $100 million in possibly-fraudulent refunds. The department continues to caution taxpayers to be vigilant about possible identity theft.

Treasury has also warned taxpayers of fraudulent phone calls being made to taxpayers from a “spoof” phone number, which has the appearance of being from the Department of Treasury. Taxpayers are told they have committed tax fraud and must pay immediately or they could be arrested. Treasury does not demand immediate payment by phone without first making contact through the U.S. Postal Service nor does the department threaten arrest for not paying.


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